Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who are the Apple designers?

It's well known how vigorously Apple defends its trade secrets and new products like the iPhone. However this seems to include stopping their team from blogging. (As Robert Scoble notes and former Apple employee, Chiqui explains further).

Whether or not Apple condones or condemns blogging is irrelevant -- from my point of view, there are lots of amazingly talented UI and user experience designers who work there, and I'd like to know who they are.

While Steve Jobs will occasionally let the praise for Apple's well designed products trickle down to people like Jonathan Ive -- for the most part he seems happy to take all the credit for himself.

This is unfair to those of us in the industry. The IA/UXD profession is largely open about sharing practices and processes that have been helpful in our work, and this improves the industry as a whole -- it makes us all better designers.

The design community has always been supportive of Apple -- they should be aware that they can make a useful contribution to the UXD dialogue and, in turn, support the design community.


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