Friday, June 29, 2007

Two handy web tricks

I've been doing a couple of things that I thought others might want to try. Low-tech Mashups if you like. (I don't like).

First, I'm a big fan of finding new music on Critical Metrics. You can stream all of the music directly from that site, but if you like a song, you can go a step further and look it up in SkreemR. Even better, add SkreemR to your Firefox search bar.

Second, I'm using Facebook these a lot these days, and I'm not alone.

But I also maintain a list of contacts on LinkedIn. One day the penny dropped that I could export my LinkedIn contacts as a .vcf file and import them into Facebook to see who else has joined Facebook.

And many wasted hours ensued for us all!


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Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Uniqlock


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Monday, June 04, 2007

You Watching is Big Brother

I'm sure Orwell never imagined something worse than being watched by a totalitarian society. In fact, it's being forced to participate in a ritual where we celebrate mediocrity.

I haven't been actively watching Big Brother this year -- not because I'm being snobbish, but because it feels like Celebrity Big Brother just ended and I'd like a break from it.

And yet, somehow, I know that the house has been all girls until they recently introduced a man. I also know that the black girl is the least popular, with only 3 bets being placed on her to win at Ladbrokes the first night, and that the two twins listed 'Pink' as one of their interests.

Why do I know this? Because every news outlet has made a point of my knowing about Big Brother.

Since when does television play such a central role in news? And if it is going to -- I'd much rather hear opinions about the previous episode of Doctor Who, or who won the Great British Menu tv competiton.

These things I've missed because of work. You remember work don't you -- it's the thing that journalists aren't doing these days apparently.


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