Thursday, March 31, 2005

New site -- Hire me!

I've updated my website at

I'm looking for consulting work where I can build the IA practice either within a design agency or on the client side. I'm also taking IA jobs where I can work most of the time remotely so I can continue to run my DVD business.

If you have any leads, please drop me an email.

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I've been Crate & Barrelled

That's not cockney rhyming slang ... it's a shop in the US. Although I suppose a few times under the former director of UE at Sape I was crate & barrelled ;)

They've got a series of bowls in my name.

Quote: "Kai is all Zen with a cool squeeze of lime."

I can live with that!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I've been Bloggled

Waking up, with my drain bizzy, I typed 'bloggle' instead of 'blogger' and found this lovely site

I hope he becomes a flickerer, his pictures of Vermont are inspiring. Reassuring to know that somewhere... Winter Exists!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Maybe we make first contact

Most sci-fi scenarios I've seen involve us being contacted by higher forms of alien life.

But perhaps we are currently the most advanced intelligence (I know -- a bit Copernican of me, but still it's a thought exercise) -- are we trying hard enough to make first contact?

Carl Sagan designed a placard for the rocket (which one, I forget) -- this was at the information design exhibition at the design museum -- but it did not contain nearly enough information.

Here's what I suggest. Humans build a time capsule with all of human achievement encrypted onto it. It would need to be digital, so perhaps the basic encapsulation contains the instructions to build a media player, as well as the media player itself with components that should last 1 billion years (at least).

This time capsule is buried on the moon (in case we destroy ourselves) and also multiple versions are launched towards various galaxies likely to support life.

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Ghost in my Shell

I thought it was funny that my media player crashed while playing Ghost in the Shell, resulting in intermittent audio dialogue coming through my PC that I couldn't shut down.

The Singularity is near.

A Message from humans to the technological superbrain: We are Friend.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

London -- this place is dead, anyway, man.

I never seem to remember how quiet London gets on Good Friday through Easter Sunday. Most of the shops shut, and it feels like half of the town has left for the countryside.

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Friday, March 25, 2005

Just when you think you're good

All it takes is going to something like the Information Design exhibition at the Design Museum to completely, devastatingly, humble you.

The hand-drawn maps and work from the 18th & 19th century is mind-boggling. Some of the modern work is equally impressive.

Check it out.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Norisiam-x, originally uploaded by kaioshin.
I got this Japanese Hip-Hop import from

It's really good. I got it because of the producer, Bach Logic, who I had heard, and was impressed by on some of his tracks for the underground Jay-Z 'Red Album'


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Information Overload - part cube of 4/3 pi x r

It's all fun and games until somebody loses ADSL.

It seems with all the accounts I'm juggling, I forgot to update my payment detail with my ADSL provider.

There are way, way, way too many accounts and passwords these days. I can hardly imagine what the next generation will have to deal with.

Then again, they'll be stronger, faster and have a high speed neural interface, so perhaps... no worries.

I need an upgrade.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Everish Mind - To Do list

Here's a to do list for Everish Mind 2.0. More for my memory than for my somewhat loyal readers, but maybe the folks at Bloogle will read it and make it easier for other fellow bloggers in the future...

1. Topic-based search: automagic keyword mapping, allowing me to pick key topics and link back to the entries

2. A site search that doesn't suck arse (google's site search doesn't do it, folks.)

Don't make me move to Typepad, people!!

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My harddrive as percentage volumes of a sphere

My harddrive - as a sphere
My harddrive - as a sphere, originally uploaded by kaioshin.
Not quite as intuitive, this.
Most people aren't used to thinking in volumes. For instance, tall bottles appear to have more liquid than short stocky ones.

Still, it makes the lower percentages more visible. Look at the 1% core. It's huge compared to the pie graph.

However, two 1% cores don't look similar. The next band is also 1%.

Maybe I should use relative scales and have clusters of spheres in 3D-space.

It's good to keep InfoDesign skills up-to-snuff between project, I reckon.

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Flickroo! - ?

I hear Flickr has been bought by Yahoo!

I hopefully they won't end the seamless integration with Blogger (Google-owned).

If it's true, well done Ludicorp! Taking a simple idea and perfecting it.

Oops... there goes another bandwagon. Maybe I'll catch the next one.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My hard drive

My hard drive
My hard drive, originally uploaded by kaioshin.
I decided to analyze my harddrive by content. Too bad Windows won't do this automagically.

It would be nice if you could look at the drives like this, and then archive according to content.


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Bernie's Foray into Motion Graphics

Check out Bernie's PSA

Cool stuff... I gotta catch up.

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My clock

My clock
My clock, originally uploaded by kaioshin.
This is the clock I bid on and won in the auction. It turns out, it's not the wooden one I had seen earlier. This one is a 19th C. Victorian slate clock. Actually nicer than what I thought I was bidding on.

A fortunate mistake, because I was able to purchase it right at its valuation (slightly under, actually). So -- bargain hunter, me!

The unfortunate part, however, was that I had to carry a heavy slate clock all the way back from Angel. I didn't bring cash for bus or taxi because normally I enjoy the walk and I thought the wooden clock would be light enough.

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The Pram - update

The Pram - update
The Pram - update, originally uploaded by kaioshin.
After all that talk, I forgot the must-have element of a lens-flare!

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The Pram

The Pram
The Pram, originally uploaded by kaioshin.
Here's proof that any idiot can follow this formula.

This took me about an hour to do. The Saul Bass DVD design took me about 3 weeks to finalise.

I should be working for Hollywood.

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Boring design 101

Generic Sci-Fi DVD design
Generic Sci-Fi DVD design, originally uploaded by kaioshin.
I just got these two additions to my DVD collection.

They both deal with spacetime (an obsession I've gleaned from Nico) and encounters with the unconscious (my Jung obsession).

Please save your commentary, I don't care that they are mediocre films.

But I did realise that film posters like this follow a generic design formula:

- Take 2-4 pictures of lead actors
- Make them grainy and monochromatic
- Add futuristic typeface (styling with bevels and glow, to taste)
- Put a futuristic scene beneath
- Add a lense flare

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My lot in life...

Clock for auction
Clock for auction, originally uploaded by kaioshin.
I tried my first real auction.

After being imprinted by the massive repetitive brainwashing of daytime television shows (where every third show is about auctions, the other two being home improvement/DIY and cooking).

The meme embedded in my menome activated when I passed an auction house near Angel. I went in and saw some small items that interested me. It just so happened that auctions are on Monday evenings, 5-8pm, so I came back in the evening in time for the one thing I really wanted ... an antique 19th C. clock.

Did I get a good value? I dunno, I wanted it, and it was under my budget of £100 that I was willing to spend, so only time will tell.

I think it's a good sign, tho, that the gavel went down before a new bidder tried to bid.

I dislike the lemming mentality, however. There were a few items that no one looked like they were going to bid on, then I bid and someone else would bid too until it bust my remaining budget. Oh well, part of the game i think. Just like children, something looks better when the other kid has got it.

I missed the lot for the old gramaphone unfortunately. Ah well.

You know... just reviewing the pictures I took -- I believe I bid on the wrong item. Live and learn. I'll post a pic when I get the item -- hopefully it's nice.

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Bizarro 2005

This guy does some really bugged out comix. I like.

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Monday, March 21, 2005


Ze French Rocky

Thanks Alain.


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Speed cup stacking

A new 'sport' emerged (heard via BBC news)

Cup stacking

Further evidence that the next generation is more highly evolved than ours. These kids are scaring me.

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Blogger has seemless integration with PHP. I just replaced the index.html with index.php and Bob's your mum's bro.

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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Name this flag

Name this flag
Name this flag, originally uploaded by kaioshin.
What is this flag?

Matia noticed it flying and we tried to guess the country it represents.

It was flying between an EU flag building and a British flag building near Charing Cross road -- but we can't find it anywhere.

Lazyweb ... hear my call!!

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LCC Student work-in-progress

Shwetha's design piece 1
Shwetha's design piece 1, originally uploaded by kaioshin.
I went to see the LCC (LCP) student design work-in-progress exhibition. Shwetha and Sijia were showing some interesting work along with the other students whom I'd never met before.

It was good to see designers exploring work freely, before they get jaded and cynical by clients and donkey-work that is an unfortunate reality.

I plan to spend more time with students, not only can I share my perspective of working to a client's brief (a surprising concept to some of the students), but it is regenerating and invigorating to be around raw talent like that.

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

True compliment

Today a friend said "how did you notice that? ... oh yeah, you're a designer."

I couldn't be paid a higher compliment.

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Until i set up the rotating quotes...

Note to self: I will set this blogger to rotate quotes in the masthead...

Here's one in the meantime:

I was being compelled to go through this process of the
unconsious. I had to let myself be carried along by the cur-
rent, without a notion of where it would lead me.

Carl Jung from Memories, Dreams, Reflections

A book which I've actually read cover to cover, unlike some of the others in my library.

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Found this

Floor K

Seems it was my stop, going up...

Anyone care to venture a guess?

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true haiku

A.D.D. I've got
Apparently... yeahiknow
oh well, live and learn

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Nearly perfect omelette

Morning Brekkie - 19 March 05
Morning Brekkie - 19 March 05, originally uploaded by kaioshin.
I found a great omelette at a local cafe. It pays to wake up early -- before my usual hangouts opened. Early, on Hoxton time is 10am, as you see on the timestamp.

(Hmmm.. i wonder if I can find that typeface)

Anyhow, most cafes will make the omelette watery or under-seasoned. This one was really nice. I'll be coming back.

Of course, I have a moral dilemma in eating eggs as a vegetarian, but as long as there are no chickens around it shouldn't offend anyone.

Besides, my vegetarianism is a reminder to me of my fundamental respect for life.

I'm influenced by my grade school studies of native american cultures. For instance, hunting and using every part of the animal killed out of respect for the life. Since I can't kill a wild-burger, I can't eat one.

Interesting to note, the highly influential (to me) Japanese, say 'Itadakimasu' before a meal -- roughly translated as 'I take your life.' Mostly it's lost its meaning and is said with glee nowadays... perhaps it's always been said that way.

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Art in Cities

Check out Art in Cities (

Via Caspar, a Flickrer.

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Return to the phone

I'm returning to communications -- old school!

Maybe not as far back as the telegraph (although that might be fun to learn) -- I'm decided that the phone-a-friend option is better than email and instant messaging. There's nothing like a person's voice to understand how they are.

Face-to-face is even better, so I am working on my social ineptitude to get better at that too.

For American readers, a good starting point with brits is "you alright?" I've learned this doesn't imply that there is something wrong, which is how I used to react as in "wtf? what do you think is wrong with me?" A better response is "Yeah. How about you?"

Politeness is important over here. Even yobs will say please and thank you.

Word of caution, once I get my residency, I won't be providing translation for the sceptic ranks.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

Kai Turner - Salesman

I guess I should actually close a deal before I make such a statement, but I decided since it was such a nice day after a few lousy weeks -- I should go and pitch the Saul Bass DVD and Book to some of the local shops. I have a distributor to do the heavy lifting, but they don't have a relationship with the smaller retailers.

It was surprise, possibly because of my experience dealing with faceless mega-corporations, that small shops are run by some very decent people who are actually interested in what they're selling.

Unlike your Bixons or Dorders -- the people work there because they actually love what they do and what they sell.

So... coming soon... Saul Bass at a shop near you.

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Identity space as ripples in the pond

I created this to visualise how I perceive identity in the physical and virtual worlds.

Vibrations in namespace.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Vader mask

Vader mask
Vader mask, originally uploaded by kaioshin.
Nico's been obsessed with lightsabres -- getting me a Vader Sabre for my birthday.

Now I just found a full Vader mask in his possession.

Thanks Nico.


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Losing my context

Speaking with my American friends and family, it's becoming apparent that I'm losing the ability to switch back to Ermerican english (although, thankfully I haven't lost my accent -- or lack of, I should say).


- saying 'innit' at the end of a sentence and not meaning to.
- not immediately remembering the translation for 'jumper','trainers' or 'queue'
- refering to British english as 'English english'
- they have no idea what i'm on about when i say "yeahiknow"

Looks like I'm here to stay.


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Gaining my religion

Don't worry. And give me a bit of latitude here. Needs much more research-- possibly a lifetime's worth

A smart lady once told me -- "Don't think too much about religion or politics -- you'll go insane." And I hold that as true. Well, at the very least, you'll offend somebody.

And yet here I go...

I've been thinking about religion (small 'r'), and I have a few theories. First, I feel a 'resonance' with certain eastern beliefs such as the intellectual prowess, and questioning mind of Buddhism, and spirit entities in nature (Kami spirit -- often mis-translated as 'gods') from Japanese Shintoism. The 64 characters of Taoist I Ching, also ring true with me. However, I think it's important to remain true to the beliefs of your ancestors. Therefore, I'm Christian.

I think many belief systems overlap, so holding true and learning more about Christian dogma, I will also explore other religions relating them back to Christianity as a base.

I believe changing one's religion endangers a person, or me, to lose track of what I already know. I was raised in a western culture. While I went to a Jewish school and respect their faith, I'm not Jewish. If I were to become Jewish, Buddhist or Shinto -- I would be entering a territory and tradition I know nothing about. Wearing it like a fad.

Recently, I decided to wear a white string around my wrist because some people I admire do so. I quickly stopped, because I realised I was throwing signals and symbols I know nothing about.

In the same way, to suddenly convert to Buddhism would be to make huge presumptions about myself -- that I could possibly learn the ways of someone who has been born and lived in that culture all his or her life.

So instead, I will be a Christian explorer of other belief systems...

or maybe I'm just listening to too much of Elliot Smith's Christian Brothers

-- Second theory --

I think the societies (western at least) have evolved to become monotheistic because a single god is a strong point of focus. And yet, it maintains polytheism through patron saints, etc. 'God' remains nameless, faceless, because -- here comes the certificate 18 -- 'He' is simply not there. He is a human point of focus on a higher ideal.

Some cultures can disseminate this focus into nature and with many gods, ultimately make Nature the single point of focus, or God principle.

My point is: 1 is easier to keep in mind than 3. 3 is easier than 5. 5 is easier than 7, etc.

One love.

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Easy AppleNet


Apparently it's a novel idea if you actually would like to test an Mac to buy at the new Apple store in London.

I wanted to try out the MacMini, give it a test-drive, so to speak. However, try this and you'll find you're crowded out by the leeching masses who are busily sending email back to their mum. Looking over their shoulder because they know they are up to no good, but at the same time, not bothering to give in to pressure from at tall man breathing down their neck.

Still, you gotta love the Japanese, one guy hooked up his iPod and was unabashedly listening to music and playing with the machine for well over half-an-hour.

Hey Apple -- here's a thought -- maybe cater to your actual customers. The open environment is cool, but when I have to float around and ask a salesman for help (all he could offer was a sinister "well, you're a big guy -- you can kick them off") maybe you might sell a few more if I could try some real application instead of benchmarking web browsers.


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Does this exist?

I'm looking for a mobile service provider (Vodafone, VMobile, Orange, etc.) who would allow me to save and download my voicemail as mp3 or wav or whateva.

Anyone know if someone offers this service?

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Own it!

Said in the manner of Ben Stiller/Starsky's 'Do it!'

That's my new mantra. Not a celebration of capitalist ideas, but rather something to say when thinking about my own flaws or faults. Rather than try to escape or avoid it, I'll 'Own it!'

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

August Strindberg - Alchemist

I was well impressed by the Tate Modern exhibit on August Strindberg.

He was an artist who was not limited by labels -- playwriting, painting -- whatever struck his fancy he did. A true observer of the world.

He also claims to have created gold in a furnace. Personally, I have no reason not to believe him.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

War against Consumers

Now that I'm part of the DVD industry -- I'm appalled by the liberties that the mainstream producers are taking.

The Alien vs. Predator DVD (Nico's, not mine, btw.) contains no less than 15 minutes of commericals before you can start the film.

This is a terrible trend, and an example of industry excess. To top it off, it begins with a message (to people who have already purchased the DVD) about not downloading movies.

Let me tell you this -- if they keep adding 15 minutes of adverts before the feature, downloading an ad-free film is going to appear more and more attractive.

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Is Originality overrated?

As I've been writing fiction again, I continue to come across the stumbling block that everything seems to have been done before.

Talking to my mother, she said that it's only a recent trend to strive for originality. Prior to the 18th-19th C. stories were only seen as improvements on the classic Greek dramas. The Romans(Seneca, Terence), Shakespeare were storytellers who saw themselves improving and updating a 'template' so-to-speak.

Nowadays, everyone has to do something new. Create a new '-ism' or define a genre.

How about just embracing your influences and updating the classics?

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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Haiku about the Night

I remember a poem about the night.

It started "out of the night that covers me..."

I think it's night now.

Then again, is that air you're breathing?

yeahiknow-- daft, me.
stretching a bit beyond my

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