Friday, July 09, 2004

Still searchin'

I'm not happy with TextPattern. It's like a heavy-duty blogging tool -- not a CMS. TextPattern should be fine for me to build my mother's site, but to use it regularly for all my web projects I would need to hack it to bits -- so what's the point.

Here are the criteria for my perfect CMS:

- Simple templates, with CSS support
- Intuitive admin system (although i'm willing to sacrifice this for the first point)
- PHP/MySQL based (in case I need to look under the hood).
- Well documented

So far, I've rejected Plone (too hardcore, and in python), Mambo (unintuitive templates), and TextPattern.

Now I'm looking at MySource Matrix. Looks very well supported and documented -- as seen by the flash tutorial. Let's give her a spin.


Also, this thread has been very helpful in helping me find new systems to look at.

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