Thursday, July 08, 2004

Don't hate me

I've encountered something interesting since I broke free of the corporate world determined to follow my inspiration.

Some people are very catty about it. Maybe I'm starting to feel the effects of what some call The British Disease.

I felt this a little when I took my trip around the world. Some people were genuinely happy to hear about my travels, while some others looked at me with daggers in their eyes.

I thought nothing of it at the time, but I've noticed that when I speak of my business, some people react with subtle passive aggression. In the early days, it was lack of confidence in my business model ("Yeah -- I knew some people doing CD-ROMs a few years ago... their company went bust.") Now that I have a product, there is a certain faction of people who sound -- slightly less than genuine when they congratulate me on my efforts.

Needless to say, everyone reading this post doesn't fall into that category, i'm sure -- but I still find it strange.

Perhaps, from the outside, it seems as though everything smells of roses. Maybe that's only because I don't choose to post updates on how stressful it is to watch your savings nosedive towards £0.

And -- things are generally more good than bad. I get up when I want (which is usually earlier than before btw), don't have to watch the clock when i go for coffee, and generally feel more empowered to live life the way that I want to. But don't get mad at me -- join me!

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